Fate Street - Band Info

Fate Street Info and Bios. Fate Street is rock and roll from the 80s, 90s and through today.


Lisa LightnerLisa Lightner - Lead Vocals

Lisa has lived in Las Vegas since 2011, she jumped right into the music scene singing in various bands, variety, country and classic rock. Her true love is 80's hair band rock. Music and singing has always been a huge part of who Lisa is. In fact, she could never imagine doing anything else . Singing her heart out in front of an audience of people who are giving it right back to her is the biggest rush there is. No wonder she’s been doing it for 20 years. Lisa is a "natural", with vocal dynamics and a kind spirit only found in the BEST performers.


Brian Zeleniak Brian Zeleniak - Guitar / Vocals

Brian started playing guitar in 1966. His website www.bzsounds.com has some more background. He started playing young and bars when he was 11 years old up in Montana. Throughout the early 80s he was on the road playing the rock circuits through IME and GMA with Sniper. He was signed to WEA (Warner Electra Asylum) in 1987. He also landed Tower Records in the mid 90s. Brian's played the same stages as many of the top bands from the day. He also did a lot of studio work and ended up being a Product Development Specialist for HMG (Harmon Music), where you can find many sounds and presets of his in Digitech gear.


John GreckoJohn Greco - Bass / Vocals

John Greco is a seasoned professional bass player and recording engineer with over 35 years of experience. John attend both the institute for audio research in Manhattan and Five Towns music college in Long Island New York. During this time John played bass for several local club bands. Eventually he teamed up with his cousin and together they formed the NY band called the Curve. The Curve spent the next several years playing the NY tri-state area, on occasion they opened up for national acts, the band appeared on the TV show "Star Search", performed live on Manhattan cable music shows. Today John owns and operates G-Tech recording studio, and helping to develop the rock band “Fate Street”. John's dedication and love for music is unsurpassed.


John GreckoKD - Drums / Vocals

Drummer, Vocalist Kevin James Diaz, received his first drum kit at around the age of 7 and has had a passion for music ever since. As a natural born drummer, and being born blessed from a beautiful musical family background, it was his unlimited love of all music that built the foundation of his playing. From there, watching and listening to other drummers from every genre spanning from funk, metal & alternative to r&b, bluegrass, rock, & country has allowed for many opportunities in the music industry.

Whether on stage or in the studio, the challenge to "play what's right for the song" is what continues to develop his style and versatility as a musician. Over the years, "KD's" experiences range from performing the "Las Vegas Live Music scenes, events etc…" as well as performing live events in the surrounding NV states. Spanning over a decade in the Las Vegas area.

Over and beyond music, Kevin is likely spending time with his wife and 3 children, making a strong cup of coffee or on a bike ride.